aerogel insulation

Airtight Distribution utilizes Aspen Aerogel Spaceloft® insulation as a thin, flexible, durable and water-resistant aerogel blanket that provides superior thermal as well as acoustical insulating performance for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Spaceloft® insulation outperforms competing insulation products by two to eight times and works in the most demanding environments including temperatures ranging from (200°C) below zero (-390°F) up to 200°C above zero (390°F). Because Spaceloft® possesses such incredibly low thermal conductivity, and high temperature stability, it was able to earn a Class A rating in the ASTME 84 fire test. (The Class A rating denotes flame spread of less than 25 feet.)  Unlike most synthetic insulation Aspen Aerogel Spaceloft® insulation breathes, releasing moisture that becomes trapped within the insulation, releasing it as vapor so that Spaceloft® can continue insulating at maximum efficiency.

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