X-Ray Glass

R.S.V.P. Agency is an authorized agent for RAY-BAR ENGINEERING CORPORATION, a major provider of X-Ray/Radiation Protective Lead Glass and radiation shielding products worldwide.

Specialty RAY-BAR X-Ray/Radiation Protective Lead Glass is utilized when a clear view and radiation shielding is of absolute priority in diagnostic, therapy, isotopic or nuclear radiation sources – used for medical treatment, imaging, testing, inspection, experimentation or energy production.

Some products include: X-Ray Heavy Glass Window, Ultra-Clear X-Ray Glass, Laminated & Multi-Layer Laminated X-Ray Glass, X-Ray Shielded Insulated Glass Units ( IGU), X-Ray Privacy Glass, X-Ray Protective Glass, X-Ray Patterned Glass, X-Ray Security Glass (High Impact Resistant), Low-E X-Ray Glass and X-Ray Glass Setting Blocks (Glazing Shims).