Intelligent Glass

R.S.V.P. Agency is an authorized agent of Vario Glass. They are an industry leader in intelligent glass technologies, specializing in state-of-the-art intelligent, dynamic, and privacy glass products.

Vario Privacy is a privacy screen offering instant privacy at the flick of a switch. The panels are bespoke manufactured using a lamination process which encapsulates a film between 2 or more glass sheets. Using a minute electrical current, users can immediately switch the Vario Privacy smart glass from clear to private (opaque) and vice versa.

Vario Sky is an electrochromic glass capable of controlling the amount of light and solar heat passing through a window, eliminating the need for cumbersome curtains or blinds and keeping the occupants comfortable no matter the time of day. It changes opacity gradually, going from translucent to a deep shade of blue when needed. This product is well suited for building facades composed almost entirely of glass, seeing as it helps reduce the cost of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Vario Sun is a self-darkening, dynamic glass that gradually transforms in the presence of bright sunlight and heat to provide protection to building occupants from excessive sun glare, ultraviolet rays as well as a reduction in overall solar heat gain.Vario Sun doesn’t obstruct the view outside like conventional blinds do, and significantly minimizes the need to cool and light the interior environment due to its intuitive interlayer that reduces the amount of solar energy being transmitted through the glass. In summer it responds to heat and bright glare yet remains transparent; meaning the natural light balance in the room is always perfect, always pleasant. When the temperatures plummet, Vario Sun lets in the sun’s warming rays, something traditional tinted glass cannot offer.