Architectural Glass

R.S.V.P. Agency is an authorized agent for Multiver Glass Industry.

Multiver started in 1966 as a glass distributor. In 1969, the company broke new ground and started manufacturing sealed units, a new process that revolutionized the industry. Throughout the years, Multiver has always moved forward, seizing opportunities to expand its range of products and services to clients. This business vision has enabled Multiver to position itself a leading and innovative company. We can provide solutions for any residential, commercial or industrial project requiring the use of glass. We serve the North American market through our dedicated truck fleet.

Based out of our primary location in Quebec City, Quebec, Multiver manufactures:

  • I.G. units
  • tempered glass
  • spandrel glass
  • silkscreened glass
  • cut size glass
  • heavy glass
  • heat treated glass

  • tempered glass
  • I.G. units
  • decorative glass
  • laminated glass
  • low-E glass
  • solar controlled low-E glass